Enhanced APIs (beta)

Unifra provides a suite of web3 APIs that dramatically simplify and optimize common request patterns to make your life as a developer easier.

Enhanced APIs (beta)

What Chains and Networks are supported?

  • Conflux
  • Ethereum mainnet

API Endpoints Overview

  • get address transactions

    -Get all transactions for an address.

  • get asset transfers

    -Get asset transfers for an address.

  • get transactions

    -Retrieve one or more transactions from the chain.

  • get receipts

    -Retrieve receipts for the given transaction(s).

  • get ERC20 Metadata

    -Retrieve erc20 metadata for a token address.

  • get ERC20 Balance

    -Retrieve erc20 token balance.

  • get ERC20 Allowance

    -Retrieve erc20 token allowance.