Why Use Unifra?

Welcome to Unifra Docs, the documentation for the most convenient and practical blockchain development platform.

The resources contained in this document will introduce you to Unifra's application methods, help you learn about Unifra's core products, understand the construction of web3 applications, understand the specific use of developer guides, and refer to our API.

🎉 To all Web3 developers:

Whether you need to build a Web3 application, work on a single project, or work for the largest team in the field, Unifra will give you the greatest support to help you do your job more smoothly.

🐋 What nodes you need if you are about to build a dApp?

Currently, maintaining self-managed nodes in blockchain applications is an expensive, time-consuming, and unstable task. The Supernode API built by Unifra for production, with its extremely fast integration and absolute accuracy, can help you solve this problem. On top of that, we've provided an additional set of developer tools to help make life easier for blockchain developers.

Running and maintaining self-hosted nodes can be a big challenge for blockchain developers. The reasons are as follows:

Expensive price:

  • Average annual cost of $86,000
  • AWS costs $2k-5k per month
  • $4800/month engineering time


Teams waste 25% of engineering resources managing nodes for 3-6 months to develop robust infrastructure.

Failures can be catastrophic and take up to 3 weeks to recover.

Uncertainty about reliability:

On average, nodes have problems every 5 days:

  • CPU spikes
  • Memory leaks
  • Disk issues
  • Inconsistent equivalence
  • Corrupted internal database
  • Transaction broadcast problem
  • frequent bugs + regressions
  • One in six "stable releases" are broken

I know , that's not what you are looking for.

😄Unifra's core products

Unifra's core products aim to solve the problems of self-hosting nodes while providing world-class developer tools.

Unifra Supernode

As an infrastructure engine, Unifra Supernode replaces typical self-hosted blockchain nodes with many new advantages.

Unifra Build

Unifra Build is a powerful suite of development tools designed to reduce debugging time and free up more time for creation.

Unifra Monitor

Unifra Monitor is a monitoring tool designed to provide you with the necessary data you need to understand the health and growth of your application.

Unifra Notify

Unifra Notify provides timely notifications on the most important Web3 events.