😇 Unifra Monitor


1. 🎉Prevent failures

Monitor operating conditions, identify problems in advance, maintain smooth and continuous operation, and reduce the burden on staff.

2. Ensure operational efficiency

Improve operational conditions and increase operational efficiency.

3. Assist developers in analysis.

Helps developers organize information and analyze and extract key points.

4. Simple integration

No additional installation is required, and it is ready to use right out of the box.

Problem: There are no monitoring tools

  1. More time is spent on dealing with the active issues rather than handling problems in advance, so the break space in the process is compressed.
  2. Since there is no such tool on the market yet, developers may make the same mistakes as users.
  3. The data obtained by traditional analysis is limited, and it is difficult to help developers obtain the required information, resulting in development failure.
  4. In-depth integration of new products requires huge time-consuming.

Solution: Unifra Monitor

The data you need can always be found on the XXX monitor at your fingertips. We excel at the following points:

  1. Monitor and understand the health of the overall application in real time, identify and solve problems in advance, and avoid problems from spreading or proliferating.
  2. Set up emergency sirens to help staff get information ahead of time.
  3. Turn data into analytics based on developer needs. Help developers better understand application performance and application statistics.
  4. Showcase your product's popularity and growth in various markets.
  5. Works with XXX supernodes and runs instantly, no additional installation process required.


Command Center

Monitor and check the health of all applications in one place, including but no limits to requests per second, response time, and error rates.

Usage Analytics

Track the usage of a specific application in real time, compare production and staging, or compare and analyze two different applications, and explore application usage through special methods when needed.