The tracer object with the following fields:

  • tracer - string - The type of tracer. It could be callTracer or prestateTracer.
    • callTracer - The calltracer keeps track of all call frames, including depth 0 calls, that are made during a transaction
    • prestateTracer - The prestateTracer replays the transaction and tracks every part of state that occured during the transaction
    • If not set, generate an execution trace for every evm step.
  • tracerConfig - object - The object to specify the configurations of the tracer
    • onlyTopCall - boolean - When set to true, this will only trace the primary (top-level) call and not any sub-calls. It eliminates the additional processing for each call frame


	"tracer": "callTracer",
	"tracerConfig": {
		"onlyTopCall": false