😁 Unifra Notify

Unifra Notify gives your users the UX they need

πŸ˜„ Advantages

  1. Increase user engagement Improve user experience, increase user engagement and retention.
  2. Ease of integration The process is simple and smooth, quickly attracting your target users. You just need to click the mouse, create a new hook, configure it, and notifications will automatically turn on.
  3. Keen developer insight We will pass some information to you through webhook, so that you can know all the events that your users care about in time, and care about the status of users.

😒 Problem: There are no notifications in the blockchain yet

A major challenge for the growth of blockchain applications is the user experience and lack of notifications.

Getting the information needed to notify users about Web3 events is a time-consuming process that requires a significant investment of time and additional infrastructure.

Developers cannot trigger notifications for important events such as lost transactions.

πŸ‘ Solution: Unifra Notification

Unifra Notify will do the message push on Web3 for you. Allows you to obtain important information in a timely manner. This has several advantages:

  1. Use a double-click creation process that does all the hard work for you.
  2. Built-in notifications about mining transactions, deletion transactions, and smart contract events, so you can receive them at any time.


πŸ’° Mined Transactions

Explicitly inform your users when their current deposits, purchases, in-game activities, and other on-chain activities are officially taking place to stimulate user spending on your app.

πŸ‡ Dropped Transactions

Reach out to your users and get them to respond immediately when a transaction fails, working together to tackle the most troublesome part of the blockchain UX. There will be no more missed trades, lost auctions, or lost tokens in the long run.

Address Activity

Notify your users of the start time of the transaction activity on their address. You no longer have to be notified one by one, and you no longer need to refresh the page or have to watch for every new block. Create custom filters based on this to track user data. The address activity webhook includes the following notifications:

External Transfers

Internal Transfers

Token Transfers

β›½ Gas Price

The gas price Webhooks will notify you of important information in a timely manner. When you receive relevant notifications, such as the rise or fall of the mainnet gas price, you can make timely choices.