Gets all NFTs currently owned by a given address.

This endpoint is supported on the following chains and networks:

  • Conflux: Core


  • owner: [string] address for NFT owner
  • page [number] page number
  • limit [number] max number of results
  • contractAddresses[]: [array of strings] (optional) Array of contract addresses to filter the responses with. Max limit 20 contracts.

Returns (by default)

  • ownedNfts: List of objects that represent NFTs owned by the address.
    • Object schema:
      • contract:
        • address: address of NFT contract
      • id:
        • tokenId: Id for NFT (hex)
        • tokenMetadata
          • tokenType: "CRC721"
      • balance: token balance
      • title: name of the NFT asset
      • description: brief human-readable description
      • tokenUri:
        • raw: Uri representing the location of the NFT's original metadata blob. This is a backup for you to parse when the metadata field is not automatically populated.
        • gateway: Public gateway uri for the raw uri above.
      • metadata: Relevant metadata for NFT contract. This is useful for viewing image url, traits, etc. without having to follow the metadata url in tokenUri to parse manually.
        NOTE:Not all metadata fields may be filled in if the provided NFT contract does not contain relevant information.
        • nameName of the NFT asset.
        • description: Human-readable description of the NFT asset. (Markdown is supported/rendered on OpenSea and other NFT platforms)
        • image: URL to the NFT asset image.
  • totalCount: Total number of NFTs owned by the given address.



curl ''


    "ownedNfts": [
            "contract": {
                "address": "cfx:acb7hr0ecyatev5gzjnys9mt31xxa22hzuzb3tprps"
            "id": {
                "tokenId": "65162",
                "tokenMetadata": {
                    "tokenType": "CRC-721"
            "balance": "4176",
            "title": "传说款:篮球飞人",
            "tokenUri": {
                "raw": "",
                "gateway": ""
            "metadata": {
                "name": "传说款:篮球飞人",
                "description": "",
                "image": ""
            "timeLastUpdated": "2022-07-14T16:28:31.821964Z"
    "totalCount": 229281
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