๐Ÿ˜„ Unifra Build

As an assembled suite of in-house development tools, Unifra Build is designed to help you efficiently prototype, debug and deliver products.

๐Ÿ‘ Advantage

  1. Build faster release products efficiently and save development and engineering time.
  2. Debug, remove obstacles, and experience new things.
  3. Enhance customer experience Efficiently solve customer usage problems and create a better experience for users.

Difficulty of debugging

  1. Lack of tools. A good tool for moderating customer problems with blockchain that has not yet been applied.
  2. Simple problems in the blockchain also require a lot of time for staff to debug.
  3. During the debugging process, most of the data is limited, which prevents developers from accessing the data needed for debugging; even if it is accessible, there are currently no tools for searching or filtering the results.
  4. When users encounter errors during use, debugging problems will inevitably lead to product downtime.

Solution: Unifra Build

Unifra Build helps you easily troubleshoot bugs in your blockchain products and offers the following benefits:

1. Search millions of historical requests in milliseconds.

2. Provides clear, filterable, readable access to all product activity.

3. Provides specific tools for diagnosing and resolving super complex problems such as Mempool errors.

4. Get fixes to customers faster by letting you quickly prototype and fix failed requests with instant UI feedback.


Debug Toolkit

Quickly scan recent requests and recent errors, plus a real-time query visualizer to help you debug faster than ever.